The number of professionals involved into Studio Consulenza, linked with their qualified experience developed in many different areas, allow us to manage even the difficult cases, dealing with every matter with the adequate tools.

  • Corporate assistance
  • Corporate Taxation Systems
  • Litigation
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Opinions
  • Insolvency and company crisis
Corporate assistance

Studio Consulenza help clients to meet all civil, corporate and tax law requirements. The main activities include

• the preparation of financial and consolidated financial statements;

• the calculation of annual tax due, prepaid or deferred tax, final tax and related payments;

• the drafting and submission of the Unified tax return form (“modello Unico”) and other tax refunds (direct tax, VAT, withholding tax);

• the search for solutions to individual tax questions regarding corporate law issues.

Corporate Taxation Systems

Our professionals, thanks to a well-established experience and knowledge of the regulatory and economic framework, are able to elaborate a taxation strategy, which support the company aims.

Studio Consulenza can assist companies and corporations – be they Italian or multinational- with the regulatory field of their current activities but also with the regulatory planning and the managing of the relationships with the taxations system. This area gives a constant support to the other areas, creating a well-incorporated system of activities.


Studio Consulenza truly cares about the consultancy of the pre-litigation step because we think that the definition of an effective strategy can allow our clients to reduce the time and the cost of the litigation.

Clients are assisted from the pre-trial phases and in every aspect of the litigation, planning an overall defense strategy, assessing the drafting of explanatory notes, the preparation of requests for administrative suspension, the presentation of applications for tax allowances (self-defense), the initiation of tax settlement proceedings, the reduction of penalties through acquiescence and the initiation of judicial proceedings.

During actual disputes, we take care of the drafting of appeals and related annexes, as well as additional and explanatory notes, rebuttal arguments, applications for judicial suspension, the commencement of settlement proceedings, appeals and requests to participate in hearings at provincial and regional tax commissions. We attend in proceedings at first and second instance and in compliance proceedings for the enforcement of related judgements.

Studio Consulenza is one of the founding partners of S.T.A. S.R.L. (Società tra Avvocati Consulenza di Diritto Tributario (S.T.A. s.r.l.) ) an association between a groups of lawyers specialized in fiscal law. This cooperation gives us the chance to acquire more and more experience in this field.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Studio Consulenza assists his clients on any aspect of commercial and corporate law, including the choice of the best shareholder structure, corporate governance and ownership transfers.

We also help drafting specific contract clauses regarding commercial transactions and trades of business complexes.


We develop opinions about fiscal, economic, corporate and balance sheet problems. Our approach focused on the main professional arguments and regulatory references with attention to the administrative practice.

Insolvency and company crisis

Studio Consulenza supports companies also during a crisis, as advisor or attester, preparing and negotiating debt-restructuring agreements.

In a situation of insolvency, our clients can count on a group of professionals who can guarantee an updated competence thanks to their experience. Some of our professionals have worked as Liquidator and Insolvency Administrator

  • Extraordinary transactions
  • Company valuations and business plan
  • Cooperatives
  • Accounting and administrative consultancy
  • Corporate controls and governance
  • International law
Extraordinary transactions

Studio Consulenza has gained through the years a useful experience on extraordinary transactions, such as the acquisition of shareholdings, mergers, demergers and transfers.

In particular, we take care of:

  • the reorganization of corporate groups in order to enhance or segregate a share of the company’s assets by rationalizing their shareholding structure;
  • the entry of third-party investors into share capital;
  • company successions following intergenerational transfers.

The integration with the other areas of activity guarantee a deep knowledge of all the aspects connected to the extraordinary transactions, which is perfected with accounting and tax due diligence.

Company valuations and business plan

Defining the value of a company is very important for managing ordinary and extraordinary financial transactions.

Studio Consulenza assists clients in determining the market value of their companies and drafting a business plan, as independent experts, to provide our independent opinion on the value or price within the context of transactions.


Studio Consulenza, thanks to the experience of some of his partners, offers high quality and specific services, such as:

  • the drafting of financial statements for cooperatives and consortiums;
  • the drafting of opinions regarding cooperative law, including the fiscal field and the cooperative supervision;
  • training courses about cooperatives.

Studio Consulenza has also worked in situations of crisis cooperatives also through the creation of “workers buyouts”

Accounting and administrative consultancy

Studio Consulenza takes advantage of the activities rendered by  Service Srl   an accounting and administrative services company that provides qualified assistance for all accounting and bureaucratic requirements.

Service Srl supports the creation and development of the business activity through a team of 12 highly qualified employees. Our team supports and assist the entrepreneur in every stage of the business activity especially in the preparation of the start-up and business plan.

Corporate controls and governance

The right of corporate control is a topic of great interest and in constant motion. Company control law for both the normative scenario and for the centrality of the controls, assumed a strategic importance in the building activity.

The Associates of the Studio Consulenza are involved in various positions in the system of internal company controls, as effective members Board of Auditors, also with functions of statutory audit of the accounts, as well as members of supervisory bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Our associates have acquired skills and experience in the field of controls participating in auditors of companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and AIM, to banks and other companies supervised by the Bank of Italy.

Some Professionals also hold the role of independent Board Member within company Boards of Directors.

International law

Studio Consulenza has acquired cross-border experience by assisting the Italian branches of foreign companies in all tax obligations, developing a well-established expertise in the field of TAX transactions with foreign countries and conventions against double taxation.

The quality of the service is also guaranteed by constant collaboration with leading international networks. Our clients can count on quality service and practical experience, wherever they may operate.